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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 24, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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under the preliminary budget by mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. we'll is weighing the potential impact of these budget cuts. >> reporter: denise, the best news in all of these are that these cuts are not final. but filling the gap means raising more than $50,000 in fees. some of that should come in nonprofit. but none of that is a done deal at this point. >> reporter: the police chopper, marine and mounted units will go away under the proposed budget, which cuts more than 100 police positions. three fire companies will be permanently closed. in some of the biggestductions in years to baltimore's budget. >> no one has been spared. no agency. and the budget reflects that. >> i think what we should be doing with the public is letting them know what is our priority and don't threaten them to the point where they have to make difficult decision. >> i don't want to create panic. but it certainly does minimize our ability to simply be there when needed. >> reporter: it does fund schools, pliburglaries and more
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-- libraries and more money for the health department. . >> last year, we had to cut 35% of our budget for materials. in the past six months alone, we had a 20% increase in visitors. and the year before that, we had a 32% increase in visitors. >> reporter: the mayor hopes to scale back some of these cuts by increasing fees. possibly including a tax on hospital beds. >> we'll only be able to restore the top priorities the mayor indicated. you know, public safety. recreation, infrastructure are at the top. >> reporter: recreation did get hit hard. the budget closes 29 of 55 rec centers and seven pools, leaving kids with little to do. >> we don't have movie theaters. we have bars on every corner. >> reporter: also cut public funding for the preakness parade and fourth of july fireworks. >> my hope is that there will be ways to minimize the impact on our residents. but we have a shared problem. and it requires a shared solution. >> reporter: the mayor will release her proposals for new
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revenue on april 12th. many of these cuts were made because the state reduced funding to the city. coming up new at 6:00, we'll talk to the governor about that. reporting live at city hall, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, mike. the cuts add up to $121 million. wjz is staying on this story. with all new reaction the tonight at 6:00. tonight, word that a cold case, nearly 7 years old is solved. and a suspected suspect is now off the streets. jessica kartalija has more on the dna evidence that led to an arrest. >> reporter: anne arundel county police began investigating this rape in 2003. that's when a 13-year-old girl said she was attacked while walking to a friend's house in severn. now, police say they have arrested 30-year-old donnell bellamy for raping the girl. in 2003, police were able to recover his dna from the victim. authorities were able to track bellamy down this year after he was convicted of a felon and his dna was tracked in a database. he was arrested in wisconsin
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where he lived. >> bellamy has waived his right to an extradition hearing and will be returned to maryland. it could soon be illegal to hold your cell phone while driving. legislation requires drivers to use hands-free devices when talking on the phone while driving. drivers would only be allowed to turn their phone on and off. the penalty for violating the bill would be $40. the measure now heads to the house of delegates. texting while driving is already illegal in maryland. new details about the light rail crash that create the a traffic backup for hours. sky eye chopper 13 over the scene of the accident. it happened when a tractor- trailer pulled out in front of the train. right now, rail traffic is still stopped. alex demetrick has more on the question that crash is raising and the ongoing repairs. >> reporter: yesterday's crash in cockeysville didn't happen at an intersection. it happened at a mccormick plant driveway, where light
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rail tracks run parallel to the entrance. >> very preliminarily right now, investigators have determined that the truck driver pulled out in front of this light rail. there was active signals that should have prevented him from driving onto those rails. >> reporter: the stopped signal could still be seen flashing. and no turn signals were lit. about the only safety measures missing were the warning bells and guard gates found at street instructions. -- intersections. something not all driveways have, follow studies and input from local businesses, when the light rail was ixtended into -- extended into hunt valley. >> when you have that crossing into driveways, the decision was made for flashing light signals. >> reporter: but no arms to come down. >> that decision was made for that at that time. >> reporter: but this is bringing a second look at that decision. especially given the power of that impact. 51-year-old light rail driver, deborah morton had to be pried free from the wreckage. she is listed in serious but
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stable condition at shock trauma. meanwhile, mta engineers check the tracks for damage. and electric support poles sheared off by the wreck, must be replaced. >> the accident has maced five -- placed five light rail stops out of here and hunt valley. shuttle buses are being used to bridge the gap, to mixed reviews. >> i'm like 20 minutes late to work. >> actually, it was a little faster than light rail. >> and for now, the only way around repairs. completion date, unknown. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, police have identified the driver of the truck as 53- year-old mark zurec. as of yet, no charges have been filed in the accident. republicans and democrats are wrapped nup round -- wrapped up in round 2 of the reform debate. senators are working on a companion bill. joel brown reports for wjz that a top gop leader is determined to force house lawmakers to start all over again.
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>> republicans flooded the senate floor, with proposals to change healthcare reform. >> mr. president, i rise in support of the amendment that i'll timing today. -- filing today. >> it's a last-ditch effort to fight the new law. >> this is undoubtedly the greatest assault on liberty this country has ever had. >> reporter: the battle over healthcare now centers on the so-called fix-it bill. pass the bite house on -- by the house on sunday. republicans are fighting to delay or change it by offering a full slate of amendments. gop senators propose reversing some of the cuts to medicare. another amendment bans coverage for viagra, for sex offenders. democrats vow to strike down each amendment, one by one. >> how serious could they be? offering amendment dealing with viagra for rape ists. >> reporter: -- rapists? >> reporter: while senate democrats were working to get the bill passed, president obama was busy making good on the last promise he made, to get healthcare reform through
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congress. >> reporter: he signed an executive order. anti-abortion rights democrat, bart stupak switched his vote. since then, his office has been flooded with e-mails and even death threats from abortion rights opponents. and the debate is far from over. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> new at 5:30, governor martin o'malley explains how healthcare reform will impact families here in maryland of the. well -- maryland. well, clear skies. sunshine. it is the spring weather we all have been waiting for. live look outside now. still pleasant. there is more perfect weather ahead. bob turk and meteorologist bernadette woods are following what we can expect the rest of the week. >> we have nice weather this afternoon. temperatures back up in the mid- 60s. not as low as we saw last week. but we'll take it. take a look at radar.
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nothing going on here. just a few high clouds. but there is a system and a front to the west of us. where showers and thundershowers. further west, they even got snow in the rockies. some showers and probably some periods of rain developing in our region. probably by tomorrow night. bernadette has a look at that. the clouds come in pretty quickly tomorrow. then the rain will follow tomorrow night. still a warm day tomorrow night. however, as we really tap into that rain, those temperatures are coming down for friday. we'll top out in the mid-60s said friday. only about mid-60s friday. this is a quick-moving storm. gets out of here for the weekend. and sunshine returns. we'll have a complete forecast coming up shortly. >> thank you, bob and bernadette. a major deal to sell pimlico and laurel park could put an end to ongoing concerns that the preakness stakes will leave maryland. weijia jiang has more on the deal. vic, several different companies had expressed interest in buying these tracks. and in the end, it is the
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parent owner of the current company that will take over. and they are dedicated to keeping the preakness right here. >> the corporation has battled a financial disaster since it went bankrupt last march. now, canadian development is buying horse tracks. it will keep the second leg of the triple crown in maryland. >> solidifies the preakness in maryland. >> it is separate. they are well funded. well capitalized. they'll have the ability to do some well thought out plans. >> they will pay $89 million to unsecured creditors. $13 million to pnc bank. and 5 million to the truck's former owners. a total of $113 million. >> i think most people were on pins and needles. >> race horse owner hopes new
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funding will pump new life on the tracks. >> it was always at the top. ask we've allowed it to slip because the other states had the money and we didn't. >> reporter: but many are skeptical that this deal will help the future of maryland horse racing. especially the companies who were prepared to bid on both traps. -- tracks. >> those who have acquired the tracks now have done so, knowing they do not have a license for slots. >> reporter: joe weinberg of the cordish company, a former player play -- major player. they leave open the possibility of video gaming but say racing is the focus. >> we're going to have to come up with a plan so we can stand on our own two feet with the support of gaming. >> reporter: and the judge must approve this deal in bankruptcy court before it becomes official. we're live at pimlico, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> okay, weijia, thank you. in a statement, m.i.d. says it is also interested in developing land around the
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tracks. still ahead. a sea world trainer's final moments caught on tape. and tonight, her family pushed to make sure that video is never seen. closing some schools. keeping others open. that's the dilemma harford county parents and school leaders are facing. what's next for the school system. i'm gigi barnett in harford county. that story is just ahead in tonight's school watch report. a cancer survivor gets the surprise of a lifetime. >> i never thought someone would do something like this for me. >> i'm jessica kartalija, the story coming up on wjz. spring has sprung. a beautiful evening across maryland. updated first warning weather forecast is coming up. ,,,,
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the student population in
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harford county is growing. but growth is not happening at some schools. and now, four elementary schools may be in danger of closing. gigi barnett has more in tonight's school watch report. overcrowding at some schools. low enrollment at others. that's the problem harford county school leaders are facing. and the solution may mean closing some schools. in a packed auditorium, parents rallied last night against that idea. >> they want the school district to consider any option other than closure. they are open to anything that keeps those doors open. >> reporter: julie marindin have children at northfield elementary schools. both say the hard part is explaining possible closure. >> i graduated when i was little. they're very scared they're going to have to go somewhere else. >> reporter: harford county school spokesperson says school leaders are researching all options. but the district is required by state law to consider closing
5:16 pm
the school if it has very low rating. >> you're operating a total school. the building, the personnel, everyone in it. for the students. and those students are very important to us. but we need to make sure that we're utilizing our resources efficiently. >> reporter: meanwhile, four elementary schools are at 65% or lower capacity. in addition to north field elementary, darlington, roy williams elementary all have low enrollment and are in danger of closing. school leaders say they will make that decision after a redistricting is complete. >> gigi, thank you very much. harford county school leaders say none of the schools is on a list to close right now. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads now with kristy breslin. >> hi, denise. hi, everyone. still looks like a very busy ride out there, especially on the beltway system. if you are traveling on the northnorth side of the inner loop, looks like 20 minutes
5:17 pm
from reisterstown to falls road. and not much better on the north side outer loop. 20 minutes to security boulevard. and as far as 70 eastbound goes, stop and go as you make your approach to the beltway. jones falls in that northbound direction. we have an accident at falls road that has the right lane blocked. also the ramp partially blocked. that has traffic backed up to fayette street. northbound continues to move well. but southbound, we have sluggish activity. that's from whitemarsh boulevard up to the beltway on that northeast side. and as far as city accidents go, harford road at alyssa. and north north caroline. you can see green spring road. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. at important message by toyota owners. to get the facts and information, you can visit them at now back over to you. >> thank you, christy. -- chris -- kristi. she came close to losing
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her battle. jessica kartalija reports today, this breast cancer survivor got the surprise of her life. >> tamara jones arrives at towson, thinking she has work to do. >> she thinks she is coming to do media interviews about breast cancer awareness. >> reporter: a three of-time breast canc-- three-time breast cancer survivor, tamara thought she was here to tell others about the disease. little does she know -- >> we are here to surprise you. >> the sisters nominated her. >> she is a woman of strength. for some reason, she just keeps getting beat up with family issues, health issues. but she continues to stand strong. >> i'm on it. i've been through so much. this is just like -- i never thought someone would do something like this for me. >> reporter: while she was fighting for her own life, tamara's 10-year-old sonja lin, contracted the h1n1 virus, and
5:19 pm
never recovered. >> recently, i just lost my son. so that's been really hard. >> reporter: choking back tears, tamara hobson drew a brand-new bmw z4. >> she came downtown for a tour of the aquarium. >> reporter: after a tour on the city on a segue and -- segway and a wine tasting she came here for a massage. >> pure pampering for this mother mother of four who says she has a long road ahead of her. >> i'm on a journey to getting things back together to being more productive. and getting life back the way it should be, happy. >> reporter: and it does get even better. tamara is staying the night at the new hotel monaco in baltimore city. denise, vanish deserved. very deserved. >> i should say so. thank you, jessica. the mother of four underwent several surgeries during her cancer treatment. >> i hope she got to keep the jeanne at least.
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>> i don't know. let's take a look at the beautiful weather this afternoon. great night as well. 65 now. west winds, 14. the barometer, rising. we'll come back and take a look at your thursday, end of the week and weekend forecast after this. ,,,,,,,, ñlq??o7o?ñ>o
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beautiful pictures. here's one now. looking at the city downtown. >> this looks like a post card. >> very nice day. >> interspersed with rain and stuff. but really, last two weeks, temperatures well above averages. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. today, mid-60s. take a look right now around the region. with clear skies. just a few high clouds. 56, oakland. 67 in d.c. and 65 here. and ocean city, coming in at 65 degrees. dew point is low. dry air. west winds now. they will come down tonight. 20, 15, 10. down to 8 in oakland. overnight tonight, they'll be very light. and light rains, clear skies. once again, it will be a cool night. temperatures around 40 degrees. our storm that gave us that half inch of rain is now way
5:24 pm
off to the east/northeast. clear for the rest of the east. and then this next weather maker. there you see it. rain and then snow up across colorado. had 15, 20, 18 inches of snow. late skiing there for sure. a little snow into portions of nebraska and kansas. and northwest -- excuse me, northeastern sections of new mexico. this little system yesterday was right across the desert areas and moved into texas today. this system was up aroundide eye. so it's heading down to the south. they'll combine into one little area of low pressure that will pass to our northwest. bring us mild air tomorrow. clouds on the increase. look for rain tomorrow night. looks like this will be kind of a quick mover. so the rain should be out of here by let's say, noon or 1:00 or twob:00-- 2:00 in the afternoon. behind this is a shot of pretty cool air. in fact, up to our north, there will probably be a little snow across ontario, new york, northern new england. by friday. as that front moves through,
5:25 pm
chilly air coming in for saturday and sunday. temperatures running below normal. in the meantime, clear skies tonight. tomorrow afternoon, the clouds move in with that system. across our region, behind it, clearing out. chilly, friday night. probably mid- to upper 20s to low 30s many spots. it will be a cold saturday morning. then saturday, the sun will be back with temperatures only rebounding to the upper 40s to about 50 degrees. so it's a cool start to the weekend. but at least it will be sunny and dry. south winds wind -- winds, 15 to 20. and an advisory. late tonight, through 6:00. and tomorrow afternoon. bay temp, here you go. mid- to upper 40s. slowly coming up. tonight, then, cleared down around 40. with light winds tomorrow. sunshine and mild. and the clouds will be increasing in the afternoon. some rain likely tomorrow night. but still nice and warm. back up to 66, very pleasant afternoon once again. once again, friday morning, we'll probably see rain friday afternoon. it should clear up. looks like a nice weekend.
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>> okay. we can use that. >> yeah. >> thank you, bob. still to come tonight. a danger to infants. an important recall. patients of small children need to hear about. grocery store tech technician. the produce workers here at whole foods in harbor east sure have great voices. or are they opera singers in disguise? disguise? that's c c,,,, heel pressure. high arches. (announcer) people everywhere are discovering
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65 degrees and clear. thanks for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. healthcare reform is now the law of the land. here in maryland, many are still wondering what it all means for them. political reporter pat warren explains how the governor wants to keep the reform going here in maryland. >> the ink is barely dry. but maryland is already getting its feet wet in the implementation of healthcare reform. the trouble is finding its letion. there are many questions about how the feds plan to proceed. >> this is actually going to safeguard healthcare coverage for all americans. you will no longer be able to be dumped by a big insurance company because of the -- when you get sick and actually need the coverage, you will not be denied coverage because of a preexisting condition. it is going to be, i think, a
5:30 pm
real liberating piece of legislation. also for our economy. >> reporter: but getting to that requires coordination. and the governor was at anne arundel medical center today to announce a coordinating counselilate that will be headed by the lieutenant governor. >> some of what we need to do will not begin until after federal regulations are in place. >> let me tell you a little about my story. >> reporter: thousands of marylanders like pam wilkerson have already found help in the state's program to cover the uninsured. >> there was an emergency with my son, who was a football player. and he had taken a couple of real hard knocks to the head. but for a split second, i considered not taking him to the hospital. because we didn't have health insurance. >> reporter: supporters suspect the reforms to eventually eliminate those fears. >> this is going to be great. particularly for a state like maryland, which is infinitely more prepared to deal with this than any other state in the union because of the way our state is set up for healthcare today. >> maryland is also being asked
5:31 pm
to increase the state's alcohol tax in part to pay for the uninsured. supporters for the tax increase intend to forge ahead. reporting from anne arundel, i'm pat warren. the state expects to present legislation to the general assembly in january. assuming governor martin o'malley is elected, the governor says he is looking forward to debate reform. relatives of the sea world trainer killed by an orca are in court today. jessica kartalija has more on what they they want to keep from the public. >> reporter: the family of dawn brancheau wants to stop the release of video of her death. sea world captured the incident when a killer whale dragged the trainer into the water. and attorneys of the family said their right to pliefs outweighs the public -- privacy outweighs the public's need to see that tape. a temporary injunction was issued last week. the video was turned over to law enforcement.
5:32 pm
but it would become public once their investigation is concluded. denise? >> an attorney representing news organizations did not object to the extension of the temporary injurches. stay an important product recall for parents of all infants. 1 million baby slings have been remembered by the -- recalled by the baby sling. the sling rider and the wendy belissimo. if you own either one, you're asked to contact the company for a replacement. cornell university has declared a public health crisis, following a recent wave of suicides on campus. two cases were recently confirmed, bringing the total to 6 for the academic year. if an e-mail, the university president encouraged students to take advantage of the suicide prevention resources. the cause of the suicide at the ivy league school remains unclear. last month, 17-year-old chelsea king was abducted and killed near san diego. now, her parents are pushing
5:33 pm
for chelsea's law. ben tracy reports for wjz, that their proposal would make it even tougher on current registered sex offenders. >> reporter: brent and kelly king are still grieving the loss of their daughter. 17-year-old chelsea king vanished, february 5th after going for a jog. six days later, her body was found in a shallow grave. john gardner, a known sex offender, is charged with her murder. so the kings want a new law to better track sexual predators. >> i promise to do all i can to protect other daughters and other mothers from this incomprehensible nightmare i'm walking through. >> reporter: they call it chelsea's law, and it could include a one-strike rule, as well as extensive gps tracking of registered sex offenders. >> if our laws were smarter and bolder, chelsea might still be here. >> reporter: the suspect in king's case, john gardner, was convicted 10 years ago of sexually assaulting a young
5:34 pm
girl. after getting out of prison, he was cited for several drunken driving offenses. then 14-year-old amber dubois disappeared. her remains were found earlier this month. and gardner is now being investigated in her murder. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. >> chelsea's law is expected to be introduced in the california state legislature next month. after a massive recall, toyota announces it will replace accelerator pedals for free. drivers will have the choice to get the new pedals. the move is in response to dozens of complaints about the feel and general replace -- operation of the replacement pedals. the arc cellerators can get stuck in floor mats. in wjz's healthwatch tonight, the issue of tanning bed safety reaches capitol hill. the government is considering additional regulations to make things safer. 19-year-old rachel donahue says she goes to the tanning
5:35 pm
salon to feel good about herself. >> i think it makes me look slim and more perky, being tan. 30 million americans visit tanning businesses every year. but there are increasing questions about tanning beds and skin cancer. so tomorrow, the food and drug administration will consider stricter regulations about their use. today, lawmakers discuss what changes they think the fda should make. >> the food and drug administration, still classifies indoor tanning devices as class 1 medical devices. >> which means that these dangerous devices are considered as inocwaus as bandages and as tongue depressors. >> reporter: tanning salon owners say they take precautions. like this that won't allow a customer to tan twice on the same day. >> we don't want them to get red or overexposed. >> reporter: but doctors have warned for years that any kind
5:36 pm
of exposure to ultraviolet rays, from the sun or tanning salons can lead to several types of skin cancer, including melanoma, which kills one person every hour in this country. >> saying there is a safe way to tan is almost like saying there's a safe way to drive drunk. >> reporter: but even if there are new rules, that won't stop rachel donahue. >> it is really about what you personally want to do to your body. and i think tanning should be a personal decision. not by the government. >> reporter: a personal decision but a risky one. sandra hughes, wjz eyewitness news. >> currently, there is legislation being considered in maryland that would make it illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to use commercial tanning beds. also in healthwatch, according to a new study, women can do one simple thing to avoid gaining weight. researchers say women need an hour of daily, moderate exercise, like brisk walking to avoid packing on the pounds. more than 30,000 women were studied. and those that showed they were
5:37 pm
physically active maintained their weight. others did gain weight. a new technology making it easier to check out. researchers are working on a way to bring the easy pass concept. small electric bar codes would make it possible for a checkout register to instantly total up what's in your cart. that's odd. the technology is about five year away from hitting stores. time now for a look at the baltimore sun. exploring the benefits of women playing soccer. a baltimore artist is making a name for himself, with customized painted sneakers. and a look ahead to the round of the ncaa tournament. remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. opera is often based on ordinary life. and today, takes place right in the produce aisle of whole
5:38 pm
foods. suzanne collins explains, shoppers are taken by surprise. as people stacking fruit suddenly break out in song. >> reporter: produce. and suddenly, there's piped music. and the presence of all of those aprons but unfamiliar employees who are stacking fruit. if that doesn't raise eyebrows, what is with the cameras? >> the shoppers are stunned. but taken by the powerful voice of the young, handsome man in produce. and then, all of those other workers, breaking out in song. [ singing ] >> reporter: it's the drinking song. brought directly to the people. and the people are engaged by it. well, most people. >> it was fun. fun. it was very surprising. you know, i just came in for a little lunch. and i got a show, too. >> the young singers are from the washington national opera.
5:39 pm
and they study under placido domingo. >> people look at opera as being too upper class or too snotty. and people don't realize that you can actually have a lot of fun. >> reporter: the performance being promoted starts tomorrow night and runs through the weekend. it includes opera, the bso and also dancers from the baltimore school of the art. >> reporter: it's part of baltimore's symphony at the meyerhoff. they are all short operas. and a lot of fun. >> i was wondering, what was going on. i just came in to pick up a few things. and they say, hold it right there. >> reporter: and not just singing. but flying hats. and dancing. romance and a lot of drama. suzanne collins, wjz eyewitness news. >> you can find out more by going to, where we have a link to the bso for more on the shows. my buddy charlie out at the
5:40 pm
produce guy at the safeway, howard county. okay, guy. >> how about your coanchor? >> charlie out at the safeway? >> if i could sing like that, then i would. don't miss the cbs evening news with katie couric. here's one of the stories they're working on. i'm david martin at oceana naval air station. where the old-fashioned tactic is making a comeback. we'll tell you about it tonight on the cbs eaching news with katie couric. and still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. running from the repoe man. how one woman uses her child to save her car. and an up-close look at a volcano like you've never seen before. bob turk in the first warning weather center. more changes headed our way. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. first, here's a look at today's report from wall street. ,,
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mark viviano is in the well. bernadette and i are tied. and these bobbleheads, i don't know what to say about the bobbleheads. and stan is in fourth. but stan is the only one whose final two teams are still alive. so he has the best chance of going all the way. ksu kathy tied with 98 points apiece. the overall winner gets a $100 best buy gift card. we'll send it back to my cosecond-place leader at the moment. bern, i don't know that we can brag about this. >> we were talking about the shapes of the bodies on the bobbleheads. they're just hysterical out there. okay. weatherwise, for tomorrow, we are going to see some changes. the sunshine to start out the day tomorrow. but as we head through the afternoon, those clouds are going to quickly take over.
5:45 pm
the rain should hold off until tomorrow evening. but the rain will continue into friday. for the rest of the five-day, here's bob. looks like that rain will probably continue at least through the early afternoon. then some clearing. and much cooler. 52 with sunshine. increasing clouds on sunday. 56, 42. more rain likely here on monday. back up in the mid and upper 50s. denise? >> thank you, bob. in today's energy saver, just as a tuneup for your car can improve gas mileage. a yearly tuneup for your home can improve efficiency. and now is the time to do it before the hot weather sets in. your preseason checkup can be checked by a contractor. who will set settings, the coils. and the you can check the air filter on your own. for more information, go to and click on our special section on the home page. amazing video tonight of a volcano in iceland, which continues to erupt. it started erupting near a
5:46 pm
glacier in southern iceland over the weekend. and hasn't stopped. many area, fra -- many are afraid the eruptions could cause flooding. the area was evacuated sunday. but almost all of the evacuees have now returned home. shots rang out on interstate 95 in prince williams county, virginia. and police are calling it a case of road rage. officers say gabriel proventud. both ended up against the shoulder call. -- wall. investigators say they then fired multiple shots. both men were eventually pulled over and charged. proventud also faces child endangerment. because his daughter was in the car at the time. two suspects pleaded guilty. to being involved in a missing persons cases. 32 years ago, five teenagers disappeared from the streets of lou ark. police have arrested lee evans and hampton. prosecutor says the suspects murdered the boys by burning
5:47 pm
them inside an abandoned building. bail for the each of the men remains at $5 million. a texas woman tried to save her car by tossing her child who is 1 year old, into the vehicle, to prevent the repoe man from driving away. >> when people know their car is in for repoe, they'll go to any extent to keep it. >> it was late in the afternoon, when ross showed up on this house. the 31-year-old already had the keys to repossess christal gardner's ford expedition. >> i don't even have the door closed. with the key in it. starting it. and i look look out of the corner of my eye. and i see a baby slide through that window. >> reporter: dallas police say gardner tossed her baby through the open window of her suv. ross says the 1-year-old landed hard on the back seat. >> like a kid, bouncing on a bed. >> the boy immediately started crying. so ross put the expedition in
5:48 pm
park. state law forbids a law to be repossessed if a person is inside. when ross stepped out, he said he was greeted by a 15-year-old with a shotgun. >> reporter: shot once in the air. and then shot once at me. and hit me with a couple of pellets in the leg. and it's not worth taking someone's life over a car. it's just not. we're just guys out here trying to make a living. >> now, the mother has been charged with child endangerment. police also arrested the 15- year-old who fired the shotgun. we invite you to check in with eyewitness news at 6:00. a brutal bar beating. baltimore police are searching for two suspects who beat a man, leaving him in critical condition. new at 6:00, what provoked the attack? taking another shot at the state house. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news, coming up all new at 6:00. and eyewitness sports is next. this is mark viviano. we'll head to orioles spring training in florida. for an injury update on brian
5:49 pm
roberts. and i'll talk to one of the pitchers on the upcoming season. plus, the effect of injuries on the ncaa basketball tournament. when eyewitness news continues. ,,,,
5:50 pm
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we have to take these games seriously. >> and sunny games here in baltimore. orioles starter, brian matusz has had a sizzling spring. today, not so hot. but manager dave tremly says his left-hander pitched well enough to win. we'll have highlights in our masn on wjz report on at 6:00. second baseman brian reports says he is close to making it through the game. working through the pain in his back. roberts says he should be able to play in the game first time friday or is saturday. this has roberts saying he is
5:53 pm
feeling improvement. start of the season. opening play. 21 in the first games. those keeps make it challenging for the o's to contend. but when i spoke to brad burgson, he said, bring it on. >> it's tough. but i think it's what we have to do. it's not an excuse for us anymore. i think we've used that in years past. and this year, it's about winning. we're going to be able to compete with those guys. and we're looking forward to this year. >> bergesen is entering what will be his first full major league season. he's made three spring starts so far. and a couple more scheduled for tuneups for the regular season. injuries could have a big impact. west virginia has lost starting guard darrell bryant. and at least another game. he has a new injury.
5:54 pm
michigan state has another injury. don for the rest of the tournament after suffering a ruptured akealies. >> we have had big challenges. but maybe nothing as big as having your quarterback out and maybe other guys being in. somehow, they always say defense wins challengionships. >> panthers tomorrow night. all. them here on wjz the. football news. a new rule passed today. a safety measure. as witnessed here, will be stopped. the ball will not be advanced.
5:55 pm
this is a new rule in line with an existing college real. coming up next hour, the loyal women's lacrosse team turns to the power of pink. colorful and meaningful afternoon with the greyhounds. that story ahead. thank you, mark. and still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. a new deal worth more than $100 million to sell pimlico and pawrl lark could keep the preakness in maryland. preakness in maryland. blare upup,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
baltimore. police and firefighters. last-ditch plans to keep jobs off the chopping block. travel troubles. more problems for commuters, more than a daily after -- day after a light rail train collide. closing some schools and keeping others open. what's next for the school system? i'm gigi barnett in harford county. that story is just ahead in tonight's school watch report. and a wonderful wednesday evening. but are more changes coming? don't miss the updated first warning weather forecast. check in for these stories and all dat a -- the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now.
5:59 pm
baltimore's budget crisis. the mayor wants to cut the jobs of dozens of police officers and firefighters. >> tonight, the impact and what will save vital city services from the chopping block. >> if this doomsday budget goes through, many police units will be history, along with more than 100 officers and several fire companies. wjz is live at city hall, where mike hellgren breaks down the money troubles and some solutions. mike? >> reporter: denise, a big solution is raising more money. and right now, the mayor's office is working on a raft of proposals for fees that would hit almost everyone in the city. but they would also save hundreds of jobs. >> reporter: firefighters and police officers got


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